Whether you have just passed the exam in recent years or have spent several years in college, you are thinking about what electronic products to bring to school when you start school. Whether it is a mobile phone, a headset, or a computer, it is worth choosing carefully. Here is just to make some recommendations to give students more choices.

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Cell phone

In fact, if the iPhone releases a new phone in August every year, I believe that the sales of its new phone in China will definitely increase. After all, the Chinese student market is still very large. I just wanted to buy Apple, but I didn’t want to buy the old one. I couldn’t wait for the new machine that came out in September. There was no choice, I had to buy a HUAWEI first. The HUAWEI was not very good at that time. The optimization of the Android system was very poor. In less than a year, I directly replaced it with an iPhone.

Of course, students with insufficient budgets, it is recommended that boys 1+ or Huawei, Huawei P10, or mate series are still good in domestic machines. Girls buy oppo or vivo, anyway, the appearance looks good and the photos look good. They are all good choices and don’t forget Xiaomi, which is the most cost-effective. In fact, about Xiaomi, students can go to the Taobao shop of Mijia to see. The suitcases, school bags, etc. inside are still more in line with the aesthetics of college students.


There are many types of computers, depending on personal hobbies. Lenovo is the first choice for gamers. The price of aliens is a little more expensive, but it must surpass Lenovo in performance. Of course, you can also buy an alien. Those who do not play games directly choose a variety of ultrabooks, Dell and Xiaomi also launched one with a good-looking appearance. If you have enough budget, you can also consider Apple’s mac. The appearance is incomparable. If you want better performance, you have to get tens of thousands of dollars.

At the same time, I remind everyone that if you buy a computer, you must go to the regular store. You must be certain. Too many students are cheated by bad businesses. I would rather spend one or two hundred dollars to buy one in order to have assurance.


Really, I have always used Apple’s Air Pods. I don’t have much experience with earphones. First,  beats are not recommended. College students should not be too luxurious. If you really want to buy headphones, don’t buy domestic ones. Really, the headphones are not cost-effective. You can’t judge it is good or bad if you are not professional.


It is still more recommended to have an Android and iPad package. University students use mobile phones basically in the dorms. IPads are directly connected to the WiFi in dorms, and mobile phones can just be used for calling. I feel that the iPad is much cooler to play than the iPhone. And the iPad is much cheaper than the iPhone.

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