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Women love beauty, and there are many types of women’s clothing. A few simple clothes can no longer meet the needs of women. There are various other women’s items you want in the other women category. There has everything you need, from underwear to uniforms, from young girls to middle-aged and elderly ladies. You can buy women’s cheap stylish clothes here.

Classification of women’s clothing

Women’s clothing is a relatively complicated category, such as underwear, T-shirts, and the like. With so many clothes, how should women’s clothing be classified?

  1. Classification by function

Underwear: bra, underwear, undershirt, thermal underwear, girdle, petticoat, etc.


(1) Professional attire: worker’s uniform, manager’s uniform, foreman’s uniform, general manager’s uniform, etc.

(2) Sports and leisure clothes: tennis clothes, swimwear, exercise clothes, gym clothes, etc.

(3) Social dresses: suits, wedding dresses, evening dresses, cheongsams, stage clothes, etc.

(4) Indoor home wear: pajamas, night skirts, etc.

(5) Functional clothing: space suits, fire suits, diving suits, flight suits, mountaineering suits, etc.

  1. Classification by manufacturing process

Woven clothing. Clothing made of woven fabrics

Knitted clothing. Clothing made of knitted fabrics.

Knitted garments are organized according to different production methods. Divided into weft knitting and warp knitting.

According to different weaving methods, it can be divided into circular knitting machine products and flat knitting machine products.

Circular machine products are made of knitted fabrics by cutting and stitching.

Flat knitting products, just like ordinary sweaters knitted directly from yarn.

  1. Classification by age and gender

Children’s clothing: baby clothes, small and medium-sized children’s clothes, big children’s clothes

Adult clothing: men’s clothing, women’s clothing

Seniors’ clothing: men’s clothing, women’s clothing.

  1. Classification according to wearing composition.

Coveralls: worker pants, dresses, swimwear, exercise clothes, diving suits, etc.

Suits: two-piece suits, three-piece suits, etc.

Coat: coat, windbreaker, raincoat, cloak, etc.

Tops: shirts, T-shirts, smocks, etc.

Vest: casual vest, undershirt, western-style vest, wool vest, etc.

Skirts: one-step skirt, A-line skirt, round skirt, rose skirt, trailing skirt, etc.

5.Classification by ethnicity

Chinese national style: Han nationality clothing, Tibetan nationality clothing, Bai nationality clothing, Dai nationality clothing, Li nationality clothing, Miao nationality clothing, etc.

Foreign national clothes: Mexican clothes, Indian clothes, Korean clothes, Japanese kimono, etc.

Characteristics of various clothing styles

1.Classic style

The classic style is more conservative, pays attention to wearing quality, pursues rigorous and elegant, the body is mostly symmetrical, the silhouette is mainly straight, and the quiet, elegant classic colors such as blue, burgundy, white, light pink and purple are the main colors. Most of the fabrics are traditional worsted fabrics, and the colors are mostly traditional color and monochrome fabrics. The decoration details are exquisite, such as partial embroidery, bow tie, collar flower, etc.

2.Gentle lady style

Fresh, natural, elegant, and generous are the biggest signs of a lady, and lace and frills are two major fashion signs of a gentle lady style. Feminine and cute, it often draws on the design of Western palace-style women’s clothing. The design and decoration of the parts are exquisite, and more light colors are used, such as light pink, pink-purple, light blue, white, and light yellow. The fabric often uses fine cloth with high count yarn, chiffon, or soft fabrics like silk.

3.Romantic style

Beautiful and hazy, soft and light, most of the shapes are exquisite and peculiar, the local treatment is chic and delicate, the color change is confusing, and the materials are mostly soft, transparent, elegant and drape.

4.Ethnic style

Ethnic style is the artistic characteristics of a nation formed by a nation in the long-term development, including the costumes of national performances, daily improvement of national costumes, and costumes containing ethnic elements. The clothing has distinct regional characteristics, less use of dividing lines, most of the craftsmanship is special, the plot is strong, and the colors are mostly strong and bright.

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