For most professionals, the office is almost the same as a second home. At work, we are also willing to provide ourselves with better work experience. What are the more commonly used items in the office? After all, the optional range is too large, if you want to buy the right one, then take a look at Betteryoyo.

Commonly used items

  1. A water-based pen, a notebook: When you first start to work, there must be a lot of things to record, especially when you are in a meeting, it is better to use a small notebook to write down than to use a mobile phone, for the reason you know.

  1. Insulation cup (water cup): The size of the insulation cup is just right. The company generally has drinking hot water, which can be received at any time after drinking. After the 90s, you should start to learn to maintain health. You can use hot water to make chrysanthemum tea, wolfberry tea, and red dates.

  1. Tissues: Put a large roll of paper on the desk, use it if you want.

  1. Tea (coffee): Tired from work and sleepy, you can drink to refresh your mind. If there is coffee in the company, you can ignore this one.

  1. A pot of green plants: Put it in front of the computer, try to prevent radiation as much as possible. Don’t after working for a few months, the whole person is not like human beings.

  1. Small garbage cans (garbage bags): depending on your own garbage production capacity. The company generally does not equip every employee with a trash can.
  2. Steam / heated goggles: need to stare at the computer for a long time, especially those who are engaged in the IT industry, they must know how to take care of their eyes and let them relax during lunch break.

Classification of office supplies

Writing tools are various types of pens, inks, refills, etc. required for office writing, mainly including pencils, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, stylus pens, germanium gel pens, fountain pens, marker pens, film pens, Whiteboard pen, highlighter pen, orb pen, gel pen, signature pen, water-based pen, paint pen, soft brush, iridium pen, financial pen, pointer pen, desktop pen, box pen, refill, lead core, ink.

Desktop supplies mainly include a stapler, staple remover, hole punch, staple, pen holder, tape holder, note box, ruler, scissors, utility knife, numbering machine, nail gun, paper clip/box, book stand, glue/stick/tape, correction supplies, pins, compasses, eraser, copy board, whiteboard eraser, calculator, pencil case, school bag, stationery box, book cover, paper cutter, pencil sharpener.

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