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I only have played OSRS gold a little lately

That’s the beauty, my friend. You don’t need to! It’s good that you’re taking that position rather than people who’d examine it without even looking twice. I only have played OSRS gold a little lately and scrutinized some of the content so I’d feel comfortable offering just a little thought that could be more of a contrast to both a prior player who stopped perhaps a couple of years after EoC in addition to a returning/new player who has had glimpses of those changes made since.I understand one thing for sure is I could offer a broader review on OSRS.

Yeah, but placing it in three paragraphs instead of one sentence does make it seem brighter, more nuanced and much more of a deep point – you have to agree?

It’s a different type of mill than OSRS. It’s also an AFKer’s dream.If someone hasn’t played the game lately they’ve no right to give their view on it. So many people who quit when EOC came out love to shit on RS3 when realistically their opinion holds absolutely 0 value.(https://gameserrors.com/osrs-and-runescape-are-coming-to-steam-soon/)

Except it is still dependent on the same principles and, in actuality, the LEGACY battle system still exists in the game. (You will be gimping yourself severely and will not have much success with End Game Content without the ability system.) If you would like to attack where they screwed up and forced the game inherently different from what it promised to be, talk about the paying for power via Treasure Hunter.

If playing on legacy mean”gimping yourself severely” then I’d go out on a limb to say that they are completely different battle systems. Though, I will concur treasure hunter is the worse of two evils.

I suggest you can still do all the content I’ve seen it done in legacy mode so I do not think severely Gimping is the appropriate word but its exactly the same with afk versus active abilities you can’t possess an afk method be 700k an hour while an active way is 350k, combat in legacy mode is slower since you don’t do anything you click and wait to eat/ potion with eoc you are activating abilities consistently etc..

You might also have the best of both worlds and utilize revolution, it activates abilities for you so that you simply wait and click its like heritage but with the ability to buy runescape mobile gold still have multiple action bars as well as the perks of eoc with no effort, but still slower then a capable player with full manual.

Ignoring the reality that 99s are meaningless in rs3 a maxed osrs account is a few hundred bucks.

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