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Working principle of porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine

We mainly have multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine. All these Four kinds of machines can be used to cut the root and leafy vegetables into different shapes like slices, chops, dices, strips, shreds, and other special shapes. If you want to cut vegetables into different shapes, you just need to change the cutting discs. Of course, they do also have some differences. Please see the following details.

Multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine is the foreign trade products, popular in Europe and the United States. The machine adopts aluminum alloy manufacture, very serious, solid, not rust. Blade with nickel alloy materials, very sharp, durable. This machine is especially suitable for cutting potato, turnip, carrot, ginger, sweet potato, bamboo shoot, apples, yams, taro, and lemon (according to customer reflect: too ripe, soft lemon is not very easy to cut), is very suitable for cooked beef, meatballs, etc. There are hundreds of machines on the market, but the thickness is fixed, but this one is different, slice thickness can be manually adjusted from 1mm-1cm. slice effect is very good, the province, save time, effort, it is a rare good helper. . In addition, in addition to slice can shred by changing the blade cut into thin shreds.

Machine description of porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine

1. This product is used to cut the garlic, ginger, potatoes, cabbage ,fruits, and other vegetables making fillings.
2. The main body and food contact parts are made of stainless steel and are clean and sanitary.
3. The motor power of this product is large, and the blades are made of special steel with high hardness and sharp edges.
4. There are louver vents on both sides of the chassis, and the air is circulated through the bottom mesh holes, which is conducive to heat dissipation, noise reduction, and longer service life and safety.
5. The process of cutting is completely closed, it is simple and safe to operate.

Working principle of porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine
Multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine, which is designed simulating the principle of hand cutting and adopting the advanced technique of ‘variable speeds’ and ‘centrifugal slicing structure’. The machine is widely used for processing various root vegetables, stem vegetable,s, and leafy vegetable. It is also an ideal equipment for the pickle processing industry.

Application of porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine
Rhizome categories: potato, taro, sweet potatoes, melons, bamboo shoots, onions, eggplant, and leafy vegetables: celery, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, spinach, and other long strips of cut into the small, film, wire, Strip.
Product details of vegetable cutter machine:
Multifunctional porous fruit and vegetable cutting machine scope: For a factory, school canteens, food processing plants, vegetables, and other plants use.
Characteristics: This double-headed-cutter, which can work through the replacement of knife-or two-FM regulate speed, cut to a variety of films, silk, 1.40. Powerful, more than a machine
Use time-saving all-stainless-steel manufacturing, health, aesthetics, durability, VVVF simple and direct vegetable cutting machine.

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