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Like with your example of arks missions in the very start

This is not true for everything, however. Take force. You unlock fusion techs at level 70 however NOWHERE in the game does it tell you . You need to go upstairs at the primary reception and talk to PSO2 Meseta for sale an npc you have never needed to previously speak to to do a customer order to unlock them.

I can understand the matter. The game front heaps so much shit they expect you to read for a game I don’t even know if I will enjoy or not.

Game screeches to a stop and bombards me with textbox after text box and then the intro video, I have to keep talking to individuals for more text boxes. Then tutorials I get by talking to NPC which I don’t recall being led into at the initial place for things such as the mag and such. Then I visit every NPC has like 5+ orders which I do not even understand what’s going on. So now I am like 30-40 minutes in (probably more) after I even created my character and that I have not even done one mission out of that first one.

This was on top of trying to work out how the menus are even layed outside or work, so I forgot shit. Shit whether I could reaccess the tutorials to get, that I still don’t know. At some point I simply stopped going through that”simplicity in” process they have you do because it was getting so much to keep track of so fast when all I wanted to do was find out if I even enjoy the game.

Like with your example of arks missions in the very start, I quickly forgot that even existed due to all the other tutorials it silenced me with (IIRC the minute after you’re forced to start the arks mission page it loads that movie roughly PSO2). I thought for performing things those popups was mechanically deposited somewhere until I went back to check the assignment menu that was arks later. Not just that but there is so many things recorded there that I never read all so even what it may lead you too were lost on me because I didn’t feel like keeping up with client orders/arks missions/tutorials/trying to play with the game so early.

Hey great writeup. Can I suggest an addition? Add a blurb or screenshot about to accept client orders within the area of battle. It’s a feature that players don’t understand about.

That is superb! By the time I’d learned to buy PSO2 Meseta do so for me to raly take a whole lot of benefit out of it it was too late. This will help a lot of players!

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