High performance cemented carbide blank, can be simple plate or complicated customized shapes, applied to making cast iron roll and high nickel-chromium roller dressing forming knife, or making discharge plate, stamping die, punch, electronic progressive die and other stamping dies.

Betalent carbide blank characters:

  1. Stable physical characters. Spray drying tower is used to protect the material under the condition of full sealing with high purity nitrogen. It can effectively reduce the possibility of oxygen increasing during the preparation of the mixed powder, hence get higher purity, and the material is not easy to be dirty.

  1. Uniform density. The 300 MPa static press is used for pressing, which avoids pressing defects and get uniform density.

  1. Stress relief by cryogenic treatment. The inner microstructure of the carbide plate is improved and the internal stress can be greatly reduced, which can effectively avoid the possibility of cracks in the process of cutting and forming.

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