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How to speculate on foreign exchange when non-agricultural night is approaching?

Jintou Forex Network March 8 news, the United States released the latest non-agricultural data, each time the data comes out, there will always be two different situations, either in this price game and complaining, or in this game China rejoiced for a momentary victory. This game is like this, how many people get rich overnight, and how many people feel sad.

Every time the foreign exchange market releases more important data, a series of violent fluctuations will occur in the market, and the price will instantly jump dozens of points. However, many investors do not know the rules and often do not grasp the rhythm. There are many investors who follow orders blindly. If they are in a good position, they can make a profit. Some investors will also blindly believe in some unknown predictions. Before the data is released, they will place a heavy position and bet on a profit, then this will only greatly increase the risk of loss. If you can hold on to some small skills, it will be very helpful.


There are many important data, including employment data, national GDP, interest rates, and housing data. When we look at these data, we can’t just judge whether it is up or down based on the quality of the data. We also need to Make a comprehensive judgment from the extent of the data and the current trend. Here are some ways to make orders when data is released:


Fundamental research and research on data expectations make a judgment on the direction that the data is likely to appear. In the direction of the data release, in general, the profit obtained will be three times the risk you need to bear. When we judge the direction, we try to choose a clearer direction and a suitable currency pair. For example, Europe and the United States and the pound are now in Europe. Europe and the United States are in a one-man upward channel, and the pound is under pressure. You think the data is beneficial to short the dollar. Non-US multi-order, then you choose to short the euro, if you think the data is beneficial to the US dollar, then you choose to short the pound, but this method is not stable, if the probability of hit is high, you may get a larger return, if the probability of hit Low, you also have to bear a larger loss, and even if you do it in the right direction, the market may not suddenly come over a hundred points as you think.


Hedging orders, placing short and long orders at the same time before the release of the data, with a stop loss of less than 20 points and a profit of more than 60 points, long and short orders do not necessarily have to be a currency pair at the same time, as mentioned above, the euro Both the pound and the pound have skyrocketed, then we can short the euro and the short pound, and if we are lucky to get the impact of the data, we may get more profits. However, this method is of course risky. For example, we are not sure how the data will eventually change, and we may sometimes have to bear some processing fees.


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