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What should I pay attention to when washing towels?

Towels in washing are a delicate task. While using the washing chemicals correctly, the second is the washing process, and the whole process of towel washing should include inspection and classification, stain removal treatment, pre-washing, main washing, rinsing, watering, dehydration, The content of process operations such as acid neutralization, softening, sizing, drying and ironing.

What are the factors that affect the washing effect of towels?
For the washing room, sometimes the washing effect is not as good as expected. At this time, it is very urgent to know the factors that affect the washing effect, because only after understanding these and improving in the actual operation process, the washing effect of towels will be better. So what are the factors that affect the washing effect of customized absorbing sweat microfiber cool sports towel?

Factor 1: washing equipment
This is the most important factor that affects the washing effect of absorbing sweat microfiber cool sports towel free sample. High-quality washing equipment can improve the cleaning rate of washing fabrics to a certain extent. On the contrary, it is not necessarily true. So when buying a washing room, shop around and choose the best quality Washing prevention of washing equipment.

Factor two: washing water level
In the washing process, the corresponding washing water level should be selected in different treatment stages. The level of water not only affects the concentration of the lotion but also affects the mechanical force.

Factor three: washing time
Washing is a process of physical and chemical reaction, which requires a suitable action time. The action time is related to the structure of the washed fabric, the type of dirt, and the degree of contamination. The size and type of washing machine capacity and the type of detergent have a positive effect. Time also has a certain impact.

Factor 4: Washing temperature
In the water washing process, the temperature acts as a catalyst. As the temperature increases, the dissolution of the detergent is accelerated, the movement of active molecules is accelerated, the penetration force is strengthened, and the decontamination ability is improved. The setting of the washing temperature is related to the texture of the washed fabric, the color fastness, the type of dirt, and the use temperature of the detergent.

Factor five: washing program
According to the structure type of the fabric, the characteristics of the stain, and the degree of pollution, choose a suitable washing procedure. Only in this way can the best washing effect be obtained.

Factor 6: Water quality impact
Water quality is also an important factor that affects the effect of wholesale bamboo fiber polyester instant cool sports towel washing. In the washing process, water is used as a medium to dissolve the detergent to form a certain concentration. It will be completed within a certain time, at a certain temperature, and with a certain mechanical force. Decontamination and washing of contaminated fabrics.

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