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Crap philosophy for Mut 21 coins

I quit buying anything EA touched years ago because I realized they intentionally do not work on games after they are”good enough”to ship. It’s a crap company using a crap philosophy for Mut 21 coins anybody who actually likes video games. But, they know their business model and their economy extremely well. They purchase exclusive game rights to the franchises induce individuals who wish to play sports games using their favorite stars will purchase the fetid drivel EA produces cause it is the only place they can get it.

And EA understands it, so that they make sure they invest all that money they get from people desperate for an real sports match getting exclusive contracts. Everyone makes money and also the sports game market is still laughably ing *terrible. *Your friend may want to reunite their kid for a refund or a different model.

I haven’t played with a madden game because at my friend’s home like 2006; but I do recall a few years ago, I think when they were incorporating the trading card facet to the game (I truly still don’t know exactly what it is that the microtransactions even get you), I visited my uncle when among my cousins comes up and asks for $25 for packs. In the time I hadn’t realized how competitivethe microtransactions in the matches had gotten, until my uncle gets pissed off at my cousin and starts yelling at him about spending $200 on Madden without asking.That’s the kind of predatory EA lives from.

If they could not fool young kids into spending money they do not really know the value of, they would not be making almost as much cash. Cause not only is it ing absurd in anyway to cheap Madden 21 coins spend $200 in micro transactions on ANY GAME, however since they launch a new game every year, you spend $200 on microtransactions that will not even be there in a year, you have to invest that $200 again on stuff for the new sport. I do not even understand how you could perhaps look at this version and be like”Yeah this is worth my cash”.Plus it’s a money making machine and advertisement to the NFL anyway.

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