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I hated it but after playing for a little and going back to 2k21

What I am doing: Holding R2, moving right with Nba 2k21 Mt my Left stick, while still holding down R2 I envision the Right pole down, making him do this hop back/side, and attempt to continue to hold down Proper stick to shoot with the target mechanic he never always shoots. He pauses after the hop. Using the button all you’ve got to do is hold down R2, proceed together with the Left stick hit square to do the jump and then press and hold square to the shot.

I didn’t even get 5 matches b/c the 1st game I quit EARLY in the 1st quarter seeking to switch to less extreme teams not realizing they were not there & the match could still rely, was forced to quit the 2nd match b/c I got dismissed by 60 (after spending a couple hours at 2KU) & my entire team got cold; making it impossible to hit even when it had been centered/in the proper part of the meter (b/c dammit Kawhi & PG shield!!!!) The last 3 matches were struggle b/c I was already frustrated & under stress. I left the demonstration HATING the new shotstick (particularly freethrows).

But then I moved back into 2KU & add more time & THINK I am actually getting a hang of it & starting to observe the method into the madness, but could no longer examine it in actual game conditions. TL; DR: Ultimately if you are going to shake up the shooting mechanisms this drastically & you also give us the demonstration can you please either give individuals more matches to figure it out, enable us to adjust problem, or give us access to teams that don’t have such smothering defense? (& it wouldn’t be possible to find those few games that I missed out on back could it?)

How did you get blown out by 60 in 6 minute quarters? Im crap in this match and I cant even imagine what difficulties you mustve had. So far it appears that the new ace adhere makes the game much more fluid when all you have to worry about is shot orientation rather than release timing. I feel as though the concept of our shots being tied to release time was actually pretty restricting and I never understood it until today. I am now able to say I’m happy with the new strategy. Game-changer for sure.

Especially about taken orientation. I have not used the rod at all yet I’ve only been reading about it and you’ve got an interesting spin on things. Obviously. From what I’ve experienced and read there are multiple unique choices which players will have when it comes to buy mt nba 2k21 shooting through the pro stick.

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