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What are the necessary conditions for high-quality cotton towels

A good quality cotton towel is not only comfortable and caring to use, but also feels very relaxed.

To judge whether a cotton towel is good enough is nothing more than the following points:

1. Are cotton towels comfortable to the touch?

2. Does pure cotton towel absorb water?

3. Does pure cotton towel shed hair?

If a towel feels comfortable to the touch, has good water absorption, and does not shed hair, then there is no doubt that it is a good customized strong water absorption microfiber baby hooded towel.

Cotton is divided into fine-staple cotton and long-staple cotton. Fine-staple cotton is divided into grades 1 to 7, and long-staple cotton is divided into grades 1 to 5. The higher the grade, the worse the quality, that is, grade 1 (A) is the most it is good. At the same time, the price of cotton varies from place to place. For example, Pakistani long-staple cotton has better quality than Xinjiang long-staple cotton. All the raw materials of our products are made of the first-class cotton.

Pure cotton towels made of Pakistani long-staple cotton are good quality baby hooded poncho organic bamboo towel factory price.

First of all, its fabric is particularly comfortable. This softness does not come from any soft additives, but completely from the touch of natural good cotton.

Secondly, its water absorption is very good, wipe the face, wipe the hair, wipe the body with just one touch to dry it.

Why is it absorbent? The main raw materials are selected well. This long-staple cotton is born with large voids in the fiber structure, so it loves to absorb water. In addition, it is doubled the amount of cotton, and the water absorption is doubled.

What’s more, it is almost non-shedding.

Good customized personalized instant cooling relief cool towel is made of selected long-staple cotton. They will not shed as easily as ordinary short-fiber cotton. In addition, advanced equipment is used in the production process, which has little wear on the yarn, so the final The finished product can hardly shed hair.

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