As a flux for casting. Broken glass can be used as a flux for the melting of cast steel and cast copper alloy to cover the melt and prevent oxidation.

Transformational utilization is a method of recycling which needs to be developed urgently. In the future, there will be many new technologies that can bring added value for transformation and utilization. After the pretreated broken glass is processed into small granular glass particles, it can be used for many purposes as follows:

Using glass debris as a combination of pavement has been tested in the United States and Canada for several years. It has been proved that using glass debris as a road filler can reduce the accident of vehicle lateral slipping than using other materials; the reflection of light is appropriate; the pavement is in good wear and tear; the snow melts quickly and is suitable for low-temperature areas. Use and so on a little.

Mixing crushed glass with building materials to make building prefabricated parts, building bricks and other building products. Practice has proved that the dimension precision and strength of the product formed by pressure with organic matter as binders are higher and the production cost is lower.

Shattered glass is used to make decorations on the surface of buildings, reflective board materials, arts and crafts and garment accessories, which have beautiful visual effects.

The mixture of glass and plastic waste and building materials can be made into synthetic building products.

The recycled glass is pretreated and melted back to produce glass containers and fiberglass.

Raw material reuse. The recycled broken glass is used as the additive material of glass products, because the proper amount of broken glass helps the glass to melt at a lower temperature.

At present, the reuse scope of glass bottle packaging is mainly commodity packaging glass bottles with low value and large quantity.Size Package will be your best friend.

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