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Change your steam accounts region?

Steam doesnt allow region change anymore the only way is to buy something from PSO2 Meseta a different country but that will never happen. I must make more room if I wish to play with both. But I wonder if there’s an option to have one version installed? That means that you can bring over costumes and emotes, I can’t believe that this was such a revolutionary idea which I stated that you would be able to, if they did not allow you to bring this over to NGS then their only income for this particular match would stop like a car hitting a wall at 60 miles as noone would purchase anymore scratch my only concern is a game that operate smooth even with WIN7 since the begin become inaccessible for several ppl. (NGS one)

What I thought that they were doing was releasing a totally new game in a really perplexing and poorly-communicated way. I hope NGS eventually becomes similar to PSO2 in terms of size and scope. Just hoping to get an open world using dungeons and raids… So the not all classes at launch is kind of worrying me like what if there is not any summoner are phantomSo the not all courses at start is kind of worrying me just like what if there is no summoner are phantom Since ticket things and registered information are given separately, will you technically hoard tickets before New Genesis discharge and then offer them in the private store in the new game?

The thing itself will most likely be classified as a PSO2 thing which can’t exist in NGS inventories, and that means that you can not bring it over into NGS to sell in NGS personal stores. As far as selling it because of the NGS graphics update, not certain how that’s likely to be any different from today? The registered data is going to be the exact same pre- and post-NGS graphics update. I mean clearly not. All the transfer rules for things like Meseta are to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta make it so that you absolutely cannot break the NGS market using PSO2 goods.

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