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Suitable Swing Barrier Turnstiles For Ultra Wide Passageway Design

What is the difficulty to realize ultra-wide passageway?


Comparing to the flap structures of different turnstiles, CXT tech find that the passageway width of swing barrier gate turnstiles can be adjusted to the widest, that is to say swing gate turnstile is the best choice to achieve the ultra-wide design(per  customers’ request) . then comes to the Flap-in-flap Wing Turnstile with maximum lane of 900 mm.


The normal way to widen the passageway is lengthening the horizontal size of flaps, that is not suitable for the ultra-wide design and easy to cause the flowing problems:


  1. The length of turnstile cabinet is increasing accordingly to the passageway width, that will lead to bigger footprint and unattractive appearance.


  1. The inertia will be larger if the flap weight is increasing and the motor control will be very difficult. It is easy to cause some abnormal phenomena, for example, the mechanism operates slowly, un-smooth and shakingly; Two flaps are unable to align. What’s more, the stress distribution of mechanism is seriously unbalanced, which will affect the service life of mechanism.


  1. If the horizontal sizes of flaps are too long, it is not easy to control and easy to pat pedestrians, which increases the risk of personal injury.


How does CXT tech achieve ultra-wide Turnstile design:

On the basic of outdoor turnstile and column-type swing barrier gate turnstile,CXT security Turnstile has redesigned the mechanism structure and adopted the specially designed top brand DC brush-less motor and configured with high-performance reducer & precise positioning encoder and optimized the system control & anti-pinch design, so as to achieve the precision control and quick response of ultra-wide turnstile.

For outdoor Swing barrier gate turnstile,We have designed the mechanism structure to be very compact and with large load capacity, which can load the flap panel weighing 10 kg and realize the longer service life of mechanism.

Adopting the high quality DC brush-less motor and high-performance reducer, it makes the mechanism have a stronger load capacity and not easy to be damaged and provides more guarantees for speed gate turnstile’s stability & service life.

It is a great challenge for the control system to smoothly drive the panels with large inertia and prevent hitting pedestrians. In order to solve this problem, we adopt the double closed-loop feedback control system and sets the accurate reference curve of motor control current within the whole operation cycle; and configures with the encoder that can achieve 360°location and the positioning accuracy is up to 0.25°, quickly detecting the flaps’ moving status (including the position, speed, acceleration, resistance, etc.) so as to realize the precise control of ultra-wide turnstile’s flap.

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CXT tech dedicates to providing all kinds of middle and high-class Turnstile solutions for Integrators and Distributor worldwide with 12 years history.


Founded in 2006, CXT Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech turnstile gate suppliers, Integrating R&D, production, sales and service in one. CXT commits to the smart pedestrian Access Control Management domain, It provides clients with professional and personalized Access Control Turnstiles and Security Gate solutions.

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