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Application place of greenhouse exhaust fan blower

Hexie greenhouse exhaust fan blower is utilizes the ventilation and cooling principle of air circulation and negative pressure ventilation. Mainly used to solve the problem of poor ventilation such as high temperature sultry and smoke odor in various environments. Hexie Stainless Steel Blade Push-pull Centrifugal Exhaust Fan fully embodies the high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment with small power and large exhaust air volume, which can be used in the following places.

Application place of greenhouse exhaust fan blower
1. In Agriculture – Greenhouse.
2. In Poultry and Animal husbandry – Chicken house, Rabbit house, Duck house, etc.
3. Greenhouse exhaust fan blower especially suitable for the workshop with bad smell or high temperature, for example, Heat treatment workshop, foundry, plastics factory, aluminum profile factory, garment factory, shoe factory, leather goods factory, electroplating factory and various chemical plants and assembly workshops.
4. Especially suitable for the places requiring both cooling and humidity, such as Such as cotton spinning mill, wool spinning mill, linen spinning mill, weaving mill, chemical fiber plant, warp knitting factory, knitting factory, silk weaving factory, sock factory and so on.
5. In the warehouse logistics, for instance, warehouse in any size, storage warehouse, or sorting warehouse.
6. In the densely populated locations, for example shopping mall, school hall, internet café, hotel ballroom, farmers’ market.

No matter the places you need cooling is under a high temperature of 35℃ – 45℃, or full of dust and strong bad smell, we all have proper and efficient solutions. We can promise to provide a comfortable feeding, planting, working and producing environment by making your places always under the temperature of 24℃-28℃. In this way, we can help you to improve production efficiency.

Advantages of greenhouse exhaust fan blower
1. The optimal design and construction made by CAD/CAM, with high full pressure, big air volume, low noise, little energy-lost, stable running and being well for ages; The louver with pleasing shape can open and closed automatically, having dust-proof and water proof; with its double-function: cool breeze blowing and air draft, it is the best cooling and ventilating product for factories etc.
2. Greenhouse exhaust fan blower 6 blades design is for increasing airflow owing to the blade is make of intensified resins vane and aluminium .
3. The motor enjoys high efficiency and energy-saving which makes it possible to work easily under the high pressure surrounding.

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