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IR Camera Applications in Plastics Industry

IR camera can measure the temperature of fast moving objects rapidly and effectively. They are easy to integrate into the existing process control system to directly measure the temperature of the product, rather than the temperature of the furnace or drying oven. They can quickly adjust the process parameters to ensure the product quality. The main applications are as follows:



(1) Blow molding film pressing: Precise temperature monitoring combined with proper heating and cooling can help ensure the tensile resistance and thickness uniformity of plastics.



(2) Injection film pressing: It controls the temperature to maintain the correct film thickness and surface smoothness and uniformity, and detect the failure of die bolt heater or die pin.



(3) Biaxial directional film pressing: The thermal imager is installed at the forming drum to control the cooling drum, and installed at the preheating and cooling equipment to control the heating and cooling capacity.



(4) Sheet pressing: The thermal imager can help the operator monitor the sheet temperature and adjust the temperature of the film pressing heater and cooling drum in time to balance the product quality.



(5) Film pressing: The film pressing process of paper, film or metal foil is usually narrow and difficult to measure. When the infrared thermal imager is used, the operator can continuously monitor and manually or automatically adjust the temperature of the film pressing heater and cooling drum in time.



(6) Lamination and embossing: It uses a thermal imager to monitor the temperature of the transverse film and control the heater.



(7) Heat forming treatment: Ensuring the correct temperature of multi-layer material stack and the later forming can help to monitor the temperature distribution of the material and be in the correct state before entering the heat forming machine.


Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd.(ULIRVISION) was established in 2005 with a paid registered capital of 110 million. ULIRVISION focuses on infrared thermal imaging, ultraviolet imaging, gas imaging camera, laser clearing instruments, intelligent inspection robot technology innovation and industrialization.


ULIRVISION has more than a research team of more than 100 researchers in optical design, electronic technology, image algorithms, information processing, precision machinery, system integration, remote control, etc. ULIRVISION has obtained national high-tech enterprises and national key software enterprise certifications and has overseas self-support import and export rights, more than 30 computer copyrights and more than 100 patents. For more than a decade, we have continued to enhance the customer experience and create maximum value for our customers.

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