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The Application of Infrared Camera for Temperature Measurement In the Research of Tumor Photothermal Therapy

Human body is a biological heating body, and the dimensions of various parts are not equal. The normal temperature distribution of human body has certain stability and symmetry. If there is a temperature change in a certain part of human body, it indicates that there is a lesion. The reason is that the change of blood flow and metabolism in the lesion changes the distribution pattern of temperature in the body, which may be the increase of temperature or the decrease of temperature. The infrared camera for temperature measurement can display the change of human body temperature distribution, the position and degree of the change through the distribution of human body temperature. After observing and analyzing the temperature difference between infrared thermography and quantitative measurement, combined with anatomy, pathology and clinical experience, doctors can diagnose whether the patient has disease, lesion, as well as its location, nature and degree.



With the development of infrared thermal imaging technology, especially uncooled focal plane infrared array, medical infrared thermal imaging technology has become a new breakthrough after modern mainstream medical imaging technology such as CT, MRI, B-ultrasound, and has opened up a new field of medical imaging mainly based on functional science. It has a wide range of clinical applications, not only for early detection, but also for follow-up observation, disease diagnosis, efficacy evaluation and medical research.



Photothermal treatment of tumor


Photothermal therapy is a kind of treatment method which injects materials with high efficiency of photothermal conversion into the human body and gather them near the tumor tissue through targeted recognition technology, and under the irradiation of external light source (generally near infrared light), converts the light energy into heat energy to kill the cancer cells.


Photothermal therapy is the cutting edge and hot spot of tumor treatment, the core of which is the research and development of nano materials with super photothermal conversion efficiency. In precious metal nanomaterials, such as gold nanoparticles, due to their strong surface plasmon resonance absorption effect on light, they are ideal photothermal conversion materials. Due to its small size and spherical structure, as well as its strong and narrow half peak width, the gold nanosphere has the best comprehensive properties in photothermal therapy.


Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd.(ULIRVISION) was established in 2005 with a paid registered capital of 110 million. ULIRVISION focuses on infrared thermal imaging, ultraviolet imaging, gas imaging camera, laser clearing instruments, intelligent inspection robot technology innovation and industrialization.


ULIRVISION has more than a research team of more than 100 researchers in optical design, electronic technology, image algorithms, information processing, precision machinery, system integration, remote control, etc. ULIRVISION has obtained national high-tech enterprises and national key software enterprise certifications and has overseas self-support import and export rights, more than 30 computer copyrights and more than 100 patents. For more than a decade, we have continued to enhance the customer experience and create maximum value for our customers.

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