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Meseta Discord server is PSO2 Meseta

Paul and Tyler offered up some fantastic examples of how the community works to make the game better at all times. The PSO2 Meseta Discord server is PSO2 Meseta also a very excellent place for fans to immediately interact with the devs, and in many cases so far valid issues are brought up and solutions to issues are found. In ARPGs, not everyone wishes to be worried about doing lots of quests to advance. Gather loot and some want to slay mobs.
In these early tests, the team saw some folks having an issue. With discussion and dialog about the Discord, Echtra and the community were able to rapidly make changes so there’s a more clear and effortless path to keep the major Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta with a ton more optional side missions. This way the questing does not always need to take the middle stage, if you don’t would like it to.
They also were able to bounce ideas back and forth between the neighborhood on Discord to find out that the Dusk Mage’s primary”escape” skill wasn’t used often and this was leading to people thinking that the course has been super squishy, despite data showing it was just nice. People seemed at being useful in any way, so ineffective and weren’t using the escape ability, since it had been on such a long cooldown.
And Echtra did not want to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta give it a much more compact cooldown, since they were worried the skill would be mistreated for traveling at high speed across maps and trivializing content. The solution? Whether the rate burst was minimal so long as it was usable the players didn’t care. Now in future evaluations, the Dusk Mage’s escape is going to have a 6 minute cooldown and the rate is only going to be a short 20% increase (or thereabouts). For what it is meant to be utilized, the escape skill, and also no abuse will actually be used.


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