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Functions Of Intelligent Pedestrian Turnstile Gate

Real-time Extraction: Users can carry out real-time monitoring while automatically extracting the records of the controller, and once the passenger slides his or her ID card through the gate, the controller will upload the message to the computer database.


Forcible Closing and Opening: Some turnstiles that need to be opened for a long time, the users can set these turnstiles to “Normally Open” with the software, and some doors that need to be closed for a long time and no one is allowed to pass through these doors, the users can set these turnstiles to “Normally Closed” with the software.


Remote Door Opening: After receiving instructions, the administrator can click on the “remote door” button on the software interface to open a certain turnstile remotely. Remote door opening records can also be recorded through setting.


Time Interval Permission Management: Through setting, a person can only pass through a certain turnstile during the specific time intervals. During the offline operation, the controller will remember all the permissions and record all the information through the software setup and uploading. Even if the computer software and the computer are shut down, the system can still normally run offline, and the information will never loss even if an electricity failure happen. Flexible permission management allows the users to regulate and clearly know who can pass which turnstile. This information can be printed or exported to the Excel reports.


Real-time Monitoring Photo Display: The turnstile state display function can monitor the comings and goings of all turnstiles in real time, and can display the pre-stored photo of the ID card holder in the computer in real time, which helps the security personnel to check the identity of the passenger. The real-time record of the legal card is displayed in green, the record of the illegal card is displayed in orange, and the alarm record is displayed in red, which is easy to remind the security personnel to pay attention to. If you install a video access control device, you can also take photos and videos in real time when customers swipe their cards.


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