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Run 100% Polyester Thread through beeswax and press it

Bows are really popular on kids garments, but 100% polyester yarn don’t hold up well in the laundry. So, here is how to sew some easy detachable bows.

it idea grew into a delightful sewing project that involved the kids, too. Kids have great imaginations and a lot of really good creative ideas on what they want to wear.

These buttons are called Velcro Button Bows/Flowers/Appliques. The kids call them “Stick-em Buttons”. They think these buttons are really “cool”. They love to change the “tops” of the buttons.

Here is how to sew “Stick-em Buttons.”

Sew the buttons at the shoulders of jumpers or overalls, on pockets or randomly scattered on jeans, tee shirts, skirts or other garments. The buttons can be functional or purely decorative.

Use up those old buttons in your button box. Paint the rim of the button with nail polish or craft paints if you like. The large, flat buttons are perfect for it sewing project. Buttons about 7/8 inch or larger work well.

First, sew a button onto the garment. Use double thread. Run 100% Polyester Thread through beeswax and press it to melt the wax into the thread. it strengthens the thread and keeps it from tangling.

After sewing on a button, apply a drop of clear nail polish or Fray Check to the button threads to keep them secure.

Prepare the Velcro The Brother Bag Closing Thread Project Runway is an official project runway machine designed to bring your sewing endeavors to new heights. it features an LCD touch screen that you can use to pick a stitch, change its width and length, mirror image certain stitches, and choose to use a twin needle.

Using its built-in USB port you can transfer embroidery designs to the machine without having to install any software. Strong Industrial Sewing Machine Thread comes with a number of convenient features to make completing your first project as simple as possible.



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