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Fingerprint Entry Systems Pedestrian Passage Barrier Gate Management System

Nowadays, the commonly used access control systems mainly include biometric identification (fingerprint, palm, face, iris, etc.) and the system represented by radio frequency card system. Although the traditional access control system represented by radio frequency card can get some functions, in essence, it is the “thing” held by the examiner, rather than the verification of its own. As long as the validity of the “thing” is confirmed, the person who holds the “thing” is considered to be legitimate. So the problem of recognizing people by means of “things” is obvious. First, the loss of “property” will make the legitimate person unable to get legal verification; second, the embezzlement of “property” will make the illegal person get legal verification.


With the continuous development of biometric technology and the declining price, people are more and more confident in proving their identity by their own and irreplaceable characteristics. Through this fingerprint entry system, people’s authority can be clearly defined. No matter internal or external personnel, they can clearly define the scope of freedom of access through the setting of authority, and record the entry and exit of personnel for inquiry, which greatly relieves the pressure of personnel management and saves under the condition of improving security to achieve the effect of manpower. At the same time, fingerprint entry system also integrates a powerful attendance system, and the entrance guard and attendance are both correct. If you want to buy the fingerprint turnstile, please contact us.


Summary of Fingerprint Entry System of the Pedestrian Passage Barrier Gate Management System

◆ Diversification of authentication methods

The system can use fingerprints, passwords and swipe cards to open the gate, so as to avoid the fingerprints can not be identified and can not enter or leave normally.


◆ Large storage space. It can store 1500 fingerprints and 50,000 attendance records.


◆ Off-line operation. In the absence of network, the system can still be used, and the information of opening and attendance can be stored automatically.

Even if the power is cut off, the data will not be lost.


◆ Strong attendance function. It covers all functions of attendance products on the market.


◆ Detailed report function. Carding in and out data, attendance data can be customized to generate reports, more convenient management.


◆ In the environment of inconvenient wiring, you can use U disk to copy all punch-in information and attendance data.

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