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Explanation on Real Anti-tail Method of tripod security gates

Innovation Tong is a new type of high-tech enterprise which is legally established to collect R&D, production and sales. The company mainly develops and produces tripod security gates, swing gates, wing gates and other intelligent channel gates. Recently, customers have reflected on: How can the tripod security gates effectively achieve anti-tail? In view of this problem, the tripod security gates manufacturer Innovation Tong gives the following two points for reference.


  1. Adjustment of the channel.

Install Speedway door. This way also has its shortcomings, such as speed-through doors, which are basically used indoors, with a width of only 55CM, allowing only one person to pass, and has counting and alarming function. If two people pass at the same time, the alarm will be generated! If two people stick close to each other (back to back), I don’t know if this speed gate can pass. If it can, it’s meaningless. The tripod security gates can be used outdoors, but how to prevent people from crossing it? Therefore, for these non-standard behaviors, it is recommended to deploy security personnel to supervise.


  1. Install in-out card reader.

How to understand? If a person follows the cardholder in, if he wants to come out, he must swipe the card to open the door to prevent the cardholder from following, but there is a problem. When he goes out, if the cardholder also goes out with the cardholder at the same time, it can not achieve the purpose of real anti-following. When the way of two-way reading and double-door interlocking can be imagined, the feeling can not completely solve the problem of anti-tail.


Therefore, although there are many types of tripod security gates in China, they can not achieve the anti-tail management under the supervision of no one. It is suggested that security personnel be deployed in order to completely eliminate the phenomenon of tail. Of course, considering the second method, add in and out card reader, but some people, as mentioned in the second point above, also can not completely solve the follow-up phenomenon. In a word, the best solution is to configure security personnel. Installing tripod security gates only solves the following phenomenon to a certain extent and maintains the public security situation of the place.

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