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This small checklist can help solve this problem of choosing a quality purifier

If you are looking for a home water purifier to protect your health, these are your best options: Ultraviolet (UV) systems, water purifier pitchers and faucet-mounted filters, RO water system, Whole-house (or point-of-entry) systems, Distillation systems. Finding the best home water purifier system can be a really tough job. There are so many different types and brands of purifiers out there, what does one look for before buying one? This small checklist can help solve this problem of choosing a quality purifier. You know the drinking water in your area leaves something to be desired. You want to enjoy the healthiest possible drinking experience and the proposition of spending a fortune every week on pre-treated water is anything but enticing. You need a home water purifier. But what kind of system will work best for you? There are a few factors to consider when choosing a home water purifier. Like all other consumer durables, there are a numerous options to choose from when buying a water purifier. Each company touts the technology used in their products as the best. Unfortunately, with so many brands and products in the market choosing one can be nothing short of perplexing. So let’s take a look at the there most popular types of water purifiers in the market and what they do: countertop ro water dispenser : This type of purifier has a semi permeable, porous membrane that is used to water purifier the water. The pores are tiny enough to trap the larger molecules of contaminants and let the smaller molecules of water pass through. However, reverse osmosis is ineffective against contaminants like chlorine and other chemical or pharmaceutical impurities in water. Also, a reverse osmosis purifiers not only removes the impurities but also the essential minerals that have large molecules Reverse water filter: As the name suggests, these devices distill water; the purifier typically has two containers, one that is used to store water which is subsequently boiled to the point where it vaporizes; this steam then travels through a pipe into the second, adjoining container where it settles and turns into water. With all the advancements in portable water purifiers in the last few years, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products that you have available to you on the market today. Luckily, the selection of portable water filters can be separated into two main types: micron water purifier purifiers, and UV light purifiers.

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