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In our lives, the safety of medicines has attracted much attention. If the container is not safe, it will affect the filled medicine.

Pharmaceutical glass bottles are mainly used for packaging injections and other products. Its chemical stability directly affects the quality of medicines.

Pharmaceutical glass bottles have obvious advantages:

  1. Small linear expansion coefficient, strong resistance to extreme cold and heat, more suitable for freeze-dried products;

  1. It is not easy to crack during processing, has high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance;

  1. Good chemical stability, strong acid, alkali and water resistance, which can ensure the use of drugs.

  1. The effective period is long, especially for water injection formulations, which reduces and avoids the occurrence of white spots, flakes and visible foreign bodies.

Most medicines contain acidic and alkaline substances, and some special medicines also contain corrosives. Use glass bottles with stable chemical properties to avoid reaction with the filled drugs.

The medicine glass bottle has strong mechanical strength and is not damaged by external force during transportation. High transparency and intuitive filling. No matter what color the lid is, it will look high-end. Improve the grade and marketing methods of filled medicines.

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