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3 Seconds Face Recognition High Speed Metro Checking Gate

CXT Superior quality  Swinging panel Speed Gate can be well integrated with Metro Checking Gate System Solution with self-developed face-acting Face Recognition device


  1. CXT Face recognition Speedlane merits for the non-mandatory of the facial image capturing,face information will be captured dynamically by the front camera.


  1. CXT Face recognition High Speed Gateare difficult to deceive: Fingerprint recognition or iris recognition requires the use of electronic pressure sensors to collect fingerprints or use infrared to acquire iris images. These special acquisition methods are easily noticeable and are therefore more likely to be disguised. The face recognition gate fully utilizes visible light to obtain face image information and is not easy to disguise;


3, CXT Face recognition Speed Gate are non-contact gateway: the user does not need to directly contact with the device,face recognition system can acquire facial images almost without the user’s cooperation, it is convenient and quick;


4.CXT Face recognition gate concurrency: multiple facial information can be sorted, judged and identified in practical application scenarios;


5, CXT Face recognition gates also meet the visual characteristics, “the appearance of people” characteristics, as well as simple operation, intuitive results and other advantages. Compared with the ID card swiping verification, passport verification, barcode +QR code and RFID proximity cards swiping verification, the user does not need to bring the relevant card or ID card with the face recognition gate. Loss of cards or documents without verification of access, and no need for contact verification, the system can obtain facial images almost without user’s active cooperation.


Face Recognition Speed +gate Turnstile Applications:


Sensitive sites : military, nuclear, pharmaceuticals, data processing centers…

Sport, leisure and cultural centers

Ports and harbor installations


Contact CXT team to obtain more offline Face recognition Speed gate +online Face identification Metro Checking  Speed gate !


CXT tech dedicates to providing all kinds of middle and high-class Turnstile solutions for Integrators and Distributor worldwide with 12 years history.

Founded in 2006, CXT Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech turnstile gate suppliers, Integrating R&D, production, sales and service in one. CXT commits to the smart pedestrian Access Control Management domain, It provides clients with professional and personalized Access Control Turnstiles and Security Gate solutions.

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