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But for the gold wow classic most part

I didn’t like bfa in any way, but for the gold wow classic most part it was that bad simply because I had legion as a freshcontrast.Imho legion was the best expansion ever and then they decided to extract everything good about it without fixing its ownissues.For me WoD was a wonderful expansion in contrast to legion.Class design was substantially betetr, PVP gearing had bestsystem and pvp was aslo better then Legion. I found proffesions bettetr aswell.

And if desired to raid you dint have to the samefew quests and dungeons for eternity repeatedly and over.?To me personally it was the template of a good World of Warcraft story.It didn’t attempt to tackle themes and concepts above the games capacity to take care of. It had been good guys vs the animationbad guys.I overlook Halls of Valor.The number of people in thread calling legion a excellent expansion with post histories filledwith asserting covenants will ruin SL is astounding.

The largest problem with WoW is not covenants, or any platform, it’s theforwards facing community on social networking.Can you imagine if the legion beta was occurring in 2020? Legendary RNG dictatingif your class is good, enjoyable, or even playable? Locked to a single spec, overlook about alts, for the first year and a half?Major character progression locked behind table missions that varied in length between specs and classes? Drip fed artifactknowledge that required a seperate grind? Endless grind for AP?

Hidden mythical weekly soft caps?So legion can conquer all ofthis, but SL can’t overcome covenants being sub-optimal for a while?Once SL is previously lots of those complaints will beforgotten. Legion had things I didn’t enjoy but I would be mywowgold wow classic gold hard pressed to actually recall them. I am looking forward to SL.Expressing your view how good/bad any expansion was is dangerous land on this sub.However, yeah, imo Legion was among the verybest.Best expansion up to now, no discussion. Anyone else which says otherwise is just chasing nostalgia.


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