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DKs andMages had to classic wow gold

Iirc, DKs andMages had to classic wow gold swap just like every.5 patch.I meanyou aren’t wrong. Only Blood felt as though it didn’t course that’s the onlyoption for Tanking.ANd legendarys werent even fully adjusted to the way shouldve been day 1 until bfa prepatch where the vendorfinanly had a non rng alternative for getting legiondaries(you coudl buy before but was a random one for the spec not whatever oneyou wanetd ).Still way more fun to play than some other point in BfA IMO.

Dungeons were some of my favorites ever.The largest gapfor Legion dungeons compared to the BfA ones is that they were not designed for esports. Please, do not do this again inShadowlands.I had a raid spot despite not getting my actual good fury legiondaries until mid april 2017.

Our guild still gotGul’dan mythic, KJ mythic (that the pub was especially high on that one) and Argus mythic before the hard nerfs.But yeah, I gotpre-fix Prydaz first.I feel the first 7 months were awful for AP and Legiondaries particularly. By the time of 7.2 and the debutof the broken sjore turn inches (which had comparatively insane bad luck protection) Legiondaries were dropping like flies becausethere were still so many resources for them.

And AP had finally gotten proper catchup mechanics and the mywowgold wow classic gold brand new traits were verygood but they weren’t as bonkers since the original traits. Iirc none in my guild had problems switching from frost into fire,fury to arms, assa to sub etc., it could have required excess farming.


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