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How does Iron Ore Extract Iron?

Iron ore is an important raw material for iron and steel production enterprises: iron is gradually selected through crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, gravity separation, and other procedures. It is a mineral aggregate containing iron elements or iron compounds that can be economically utilized.


Extracting methods:


How iron ore is made: through crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, gravity separation, and other procedures, iron is gradually selected.


There are two characteristics of iron ore resources in China:

One is that there are many poor ores, and the reserves of poor ores account for 80% of the total reserves;


The other is that there are many compound ores with multi-element symbiosis. In addition, the ore bodies are complex; some lean iron deposits are hematite in the upper part and magnetite in the lower part, which is troublesome in the process of iron separation. In view of the characteristics of Chinese iron ore and the higher requirements of iron and steel industry for iron ore concentrate, new challenges are put forward for Chinese concentrators. Therefore, there is a deeper requirement for the development of mineral processing technology in China’s metallurgical mines, followed by the further improvement of mineral processing equipment.


The beneficiation process should be as efficient and simple as possible, such as focusing on the development of energy-saving equipment and trying to get the best effect with the most appropriate process. In the concentrator, the equipment investment, production cost, electric energy consumption, and steel consumption of crushing and grinding operations often account for the largest proportion. Therefore, the calculation and selection of crushing and grinding equipment and the quality of operation and management determine the economic benefits of the concentrator to a large extent.


At present, China’s iron ore resources are becoming less and less. The characteristics of iron ore resources are more poor ore, less rich ore, more associated minerals, more complex ore components, and most of the ore inlay particle size is fine, which causes certain difficulties in beneficiation. Technically speaking, advanced technology, process, and equipment are urgently needed to promote the efficient development and utilization of poor iron ore resources. In terms of economic benefits, for the production of lean raw iron ore, the concentrator must expand the production scale, expand the processing capacity of raw ore, save energy and reduce consumption, and reduce the processing cost of beneficiation, so as to have better economic benefits. Before the ore enters the grinding operation, a part of gangue minerals mixed in the ore will be pre-selected and removed, so as to realize the early loss and improve the original ore grade.


It is an effective way to improve the production capacity of lean raw iron ore, save energy and reduce consumption, and create better economic benefits by adopting the optimized pre-separation process of ultra-fine coarse particles.


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