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The Application of Stepping Motor in Solar Tracking System

There are two main ways for solar tracking system to track the sun: photoelectric tracking and tracking according to the motion track of the apparent sun. The advantage of tracking according to the motion track of the apparent sun is that it can track in real time all the time. Generally, it is driven by stepper motor with two axes, and realizes all-weather tracking of the sun by controlling the tracking mechanism with two degrees of freedom of horizontal and pitching.

The slew drive solar tracker according to the motion track of the apparent sun is a dual axis automatic track system based on single chip microcomputer. The system adopts horizontal orientation stepper motor and pitch direction stepper motor to track the azimuth Angle and altitude Angle of the sun so that the position of the sun can be accurately tracked in real time. Therefore, the accuracy of the stepping motor and the mechanical structure of the tracking table are one of the factors that affect the tracking accuracy of solar energy. Aiming at the influence of this factor, manual correction operation is usually adopted to reduce the error. The method is to control the horizontal pitch azimuth stepper motor so that two axes drive the plane mirror reflector. At the same time, the shadow reflected by the plane mirror is continuously observed. When the shadow center just gathers at the designated point, it is the best to record the steps taken by the stepper motor from the origin to the point. According to the difference between the number of actual running steps and the number of theoretical running steps, the difference of Angle can be calculated, which is the correction value of altitude Angle and azimuth Angle. Record data at different times of the day. The tracking accuracy can be improved by using the correction coefficient to correct the theoretical value stored in the control program.

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