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Press Release on Outward Bound Training of Huaruo Industrial Group in 2020

From June 22nd to 24th, 2020, as the automotive steel suppliers. Huaruo Industrial Group carried out outdoor training for three days and two nights in The Outdoor training base of Chongdugou,Luanchuan County, Luoyang City.


The morning of June 22nd was full of rosy clouds, about 30 cadres and staff of Huaruo Industrial Group all went to the training base with high spirits and high temperament.After arriving at the training base, the drillmaster divided us into three groups, and the Little Tiger team, the Wild Wolf team and the Flying Tiger team were born, and each had their own team flag, emblem, slogan and team song.The outward bound training was officially opened in the flying flag, loud slogan and sonorous team song, and the mutual belief of the HUARO people was gradually sublimated.


In the subsequent training, the three teams experienced competition and cooperation, from concentric circles to tower of hanoi, from High altitude broken bridge to soldiers sortie, and until the final graduation wall, HUARO people have been baptized again and again.For three days and two nights,HUARO people have been constantly advancing, challenging and moving in terms of thought and action.Joy and tears interweave the most moving songs of HUARO people, rippling in the sky of the base, echoing for a long time, flowing in the blood of HUARO people.The concepts of pulls together,comes together,works together and race against time are no longer just a simple word, but a common memory of everyone in HUARO.


At 15:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, huaruo industrial group’s Outward Bound training activity was successfully completed!

If you want to know the types of steel sections and their uses, please contact us.


Huaruo (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd , a new branch of Huaruo Industrial Group, is located in Shanghai Tower, Lujiazui international financial and trade zone. As a new member of Huaruo Industrial Group, Huaruo (Shanghai) mainly works as an import and export terminal of steel products and raw materials. We rely on Huaro worldwide supply chain and Shanghai seaport to introduce the most competitive & urgently-needed raw materials of metal industry and semi-finished products to Chinese market. In the meantime, we use Shanghai, Malaysia and Singapore as our transit port to export our superior products to the world. Our main product includes various grade of iron ore ,Sponge iron(DRI), HBI ,steel slab, Steel sheet ,HRC, CRC, Pickled products, steel coils and sheet, copper cathode, etc.



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