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Separated Hydraulic Down-the-hole Drilling Rig

TAIYE Separated Hydraulic Down-the-hole Drilling Rigs is a very economical series of drilling rigs. This series of products have a wide range of applications and excellent performance in various constructions. They are suitable for various occasions such as hydropower, building materials, metallurgy, various open-pit quarries, large and medium-sized earth and stone works, national defense construction, blasting and anchoring projects.

 Know More about Separated Hydraulic Down-the-hole Drilling Rig

The split-type open-air DTH drill rig occupies a small area and is mobile and flexible. It can be used with various types of air compressors to complete high-pressure perforation and rock drilling tasks. This series of tractor mounted drilling machine includes three unit configurations of diesel engine, electric drilling rig and anchor drilling rig, which can meet your need to achieve a perfect balance between productivity and production efficiency, and be ready to exceed your expectations at any time.

We has fully considered operational safety and environmental protection in the design, and its excellent climbing ability has brought a larger perforation coverage. TAIYE split open-air DTH series tractor mounted drilling rigs have achieved excellent quality through years of tempering, which is a good choice for you to invest less in drilling construction and ensure stable returns.

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