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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan

HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.


Advantages of Extra Large Ceiling Fan over other Ventilation Equipment

First, small investment and high efficiency;


Comparisons between extra large industrial ceiling fans and small fans: The area covered by an industrial fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters is equal to the area covered by 50 small fans with a diameter of 0.75M. For example, in a 9000 square meter factory building, in order to achieve full coverage effect, about 300 small fans are needed, while only 6 industrial energy-saving fans are needed.


Comparisons between extra large industrial ceiling fans and central air conditioners: The cost of an industrial fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters is 1/15 of that of a central air conditioner. However, the industrial plant area is generally thousands or even tens of thousands of square meters, the refrigeration capacity of ordinary fluorine air conditioning simply can not meet such a huge operating area. For example, the workshop area is 2000 square meters, using central air conditioning system to cool down, the initial investment of equipment needs 300,000 yuan, and the annual operating cost is nearly 400,000 yuan. With super fan, the initial investment of equipment is more than 20,000 yuan, which shows that central air conditioning is much higher than super fan in terms of equipment cost and operation cost.


Advantages of Extra Large Industrial Ceiling Fans over other Ventilation Equipment

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  1. Energy saving and environmental protection;

The maximum power required is only 1.5KW, and the single unit covers the working area of nearly 1000 square meters. According to the 10-year service cycle, the comprehensive cost (including equipment procurement and daily electricity consumption) is only 1/50 of the wall-mounted shaking head fan or horn fan (covering the same area). Large industrial fans are used in conjunction with air conditioning, saving more than 30% energy.


  1. Good air quality;

Powerful air agitation ability makes the indoor air in large space flow continuously, improves the feeling of stuffy heat, and improves comfort.


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