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DSPPA Emergency PA System Applied in Yuanba Gas Field

DSPPA emergency PA system has been applied in Yuanba gas field, which is located in Sichuan province. It is the deepest marine gas field in China.

DSPPA technical staff at Yuba Gas Field

Yuanba gas field adopts OTEWA (a sub-brand of DSPPA group) emergency PA system, which making it the biggest emergency system in the world. The system adopts 9 high-power transmitters, 30,000 receiving terminals, covering the total area up to 60km*6km and more than 30 thousand dispersed farmers.

This emergency PA system includes dozens of outdoor PA zones and 30 air defense warning zones. The setting of parameters can be controlled by remote monitoring. As the system is combined with senor data, it can realize automatic alarming and intelligent venue selection. For example, according to wind speed and direction, this emergency system can select danger alarm area, so as to command the staff in different positions to flee in different directions

Emergency PA system diagram

OTEWA (sub-brand of DSPPA) Emergency PA System

This emergency PA system is very popular in large venue application with the following features, wide range of wireless coverage, intelligent, networking, easy to operate and stable transmission. It has optional general mode and emergency mode. In general mode, the system can broadcast news, weather conditions, the popularity of culture, background music, etc. In case of emergency, the system will switch to emergency status immediately and alarm in the first time.

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