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TAIYE specializes in the design, manufacturing and service of various surface drilling equipment such as rotary drilling rigs, reverse circulation drilling rigs, mobile drilling rigs, core drill rigs, etc. We are also a manufacturer of spare parts for rock drilling rigs, an agent of international famous brands of air compressors and air compressor accessories.

TAIYE has a series of drilling rig machines for sale. Our machines have good terrain adaptability, good stability and high safety performance. The rotary machine has a large power output torque, which can be completed at one time under geological conditions such as pebbles and weathered stones, without the need for secondary drilling.

More Information of TAIYE Drilling Rigs

Professional Team for Exploration Drilling Equipment

TAIYE brings together domestic and international outstanding expert design teams, with culture as the foundation, quality as the soul, and continuous innovation. It is an outstanding manufacturer of drilling rig machines in China. Also, TAIYE has various drilling compressors for sale. With deep technical strength, advanced manufacturing technology, and professional, comprehensive and timely service, TAIYE has been committed to providing reliable, efficient and environmentally-friendly open-air dilling equipment for customers around the globe, and is a provider of comprehensive dilling solutions.

Star Products of Drill Rigs

Star products: TAIYE-D8-DTH full-hydraulic surface down-the-hole drilling rig, TAIYE-T45 full-hydraulic surface top-hammer rig, TAIYE-X5-DTH split hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rig, TAIYE-370-DTH split hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rig, TAIYE- 360-TH split hydraulic top hammer drill rig with a dilling coverage range of 76- 254mm, which matches China Baosi air compressor, China Liutech air compressor, US Sullair air compressor, Japan Airman air compressor, etc. Depending on the working conditions, it is serving the owners of open-pit mining, quarrying and civil engineering around the world.

Our company has many different types of drilling equipment,ideal rig,mechanical drilling rig,rotary drilling equipment,blast hole drill rigs for sale,exploration drill rigs for sale and reverse circulation drilling rig,RFQ today.


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