Pmsm fan

PMSM Ceiling HVLS Fans Model Technology Parameter

Model Fan diameter (m)ft Motor power (kw) Rotate speed (rpm) Full load current Air volume(CMM) m3/min Weight (kg) Max scope of action (m2) Noise(dBA)
BGX-ZF-7E        7.3(24′) 1.5 0-54 2.5A 15500 120 1800 ≦40
BGX-ZF-6E        6.4(21′) 1.5 0-54 2.3A 14000 112 1480 ≦40
BGX-ZF-5E        5.5(18′) 1.5 0-65 2.3A 11500 96 1050 ≦40
BGX-ZF-4E        4.6(15′) 1.5 0-65 2.1A 10000 88 850 ≦40



Jiangsu Gaxiao Environmental Technology Co., ltd has newly introduced driving motor of the permanent magnet industrial fan, which is developed by Jiangsu Gaxiao, Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University. This product is a new type of fan based on PMSM, permanent magnetic synchronous motor technology.


Permanent Magnetic Gearless Motor Fan Largest Advantages



The traditional industrial fan is driven by an AC asynchronous motor to drive the reducer, thereby realizing the rotation of industrial large fans. But through the reducer drive will bring the maintenance of the reducer, and need to replace the engine oil regularly, gear and bearings in the reducer need to be regularly checked and maintained, once the problem is found, it needs to replace of spare parts, time and effort, and high cost.


As the direct drive of permanent magnet synchronous motor, the industrial large fan, driven by the motor, saves the reducer link, has no gear and high speed running bearings, so it is free to replace the oil,  the reduction of the gear and bearing replacement maintenance and so on. It has really done the maintenance free and greatly improved the service life of the industrial large fan. It brings a more reliable experience for the user.


Because of the use of rare earth metal as the outer rotor of the industrial large fan of permanent magnet synchronous motor, as long as the temperature of the motor is controlled effectively (just use the traditional type environmental temperature), the life of the motor can be infinitely long, and it can save a large amount of the second time to purchase the industrial large fan.


The reducer of traditional industries are all above the fan, and the center of gravity is high. It is very easy to cause the swaying of the whole fan, and the stability is poor. The new permanent magnet synchronous direct drive industrial fan introduced by our company will drive the motor under the fan blade, and add the weight to the lower part of the large fan, which can effectively increase the stability of the large industrial fan. The large fan is more stable and reliable, and the safety is greatly improved. We have giant fans for sale, welcome to buy.


Jiangsu Gaxiao, a professional HVLS fan company, is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China. Since its inception, Gaxiao has always been committed to the development and research of large high volume low speed industrial fans. Adhere to the corporate purpose: down to earth, technology-oriented, focus on quality, brand name service!


Our company’s main products are various, such as Commercial Air Fans, raditional Industrial Fans, PMSM Fans, and Explosion-Proof Fans for sale. Much more products are being researched and developed. On the basis of energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection, try our best to make the world cool and refreshing.

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