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Explosion proof fan

Explosion Proof Ceiling Fan Customization

Do you worry your factory too much dusty, cannot install the fan? Don’t worry, we can customize our Explosive-proof fan for your factory, no need electric, only air!

We have explosion proof fans for sale, welcome to buy.


Jiangsu Gaxiao, a professional HVLS fan company, is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China. Since its inception, Gaxiao has always been committed to the development and research of large industrial high volume fans. Adhere to the corporate purpose: down to earth, technology-oriented, focus on quality, brand name service!


Our company’s main products are various, such as Commercial Air Fans, raditional Industrial Fans, PMSM Fans, and Explosion-Proof Fans for sale. Much more products are being researched and developed. On the basis of energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection, try our best to make the world cool and refreshing.

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