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Application of Light Calcium Carbonate

Lightweight calcium carbonate, also known as precipitated calcium carbonate, is prepared from limestone by carbonization. Lightweight calcium carbonate has a wide range of functions and uses. I’ll give you a detailed description of the uses of lightweight calcium carbonate.

  1. Light calcium carbonateis widely used in rubber products, such as tires, conveyor belts, hoses, rubber cloth and medical rubber products. It can reduce the amount of rubber, reduce costs and also play a reinforcing and semi-reinforcing role. The application of light calcium carbonate in plastics can reduce the amount of organic raw materials, reduce costs, improve the stability, hardness and rigidity of plastics, improve the processing performance of plastics, improve heat resistance and improve the astigmatism of plastics.

  1. Lightweight calcium carbonate can play a skeleton role in plastic products. It has a great effect on the dimensional stability of plastic products, can improve the hardness of products, and can also improve the surface gloss and smoothness of products. Adding calcium carbonate to plastics products can improve the heat resistance. Because the whiteness of calcium carbonate is over 90%, it can also replace expensive white pigments to play a certain whitening role.

  1. Lightweight calcium carbonate is the largest mineral filler in the paint industry. It is mainly used in automobile coatings, powder coatings and building latex coatings. It can adjust the gloss, brightness, chemical resistance, improve the rheological property and reduce the cost greatly. For example, the amount of water-borne paint can reach 20%-60%.

  1. The application of light calcium carbonate in paper-making can improve the whiteness and glossiness of paper products. Its high expansibility can greatly reduce the consumption of pulp in paper-making mills.

  1. Lightweight calcium carbonate is used as a friction agent in toothpaste because it can not only remove plaque, material residue, polish teeth without harming enamel and odor permeability, but also has good paste diffusion. In addition, it is slightly alkaline, which can neutralize acid metabolites of dental plaque bacteria such as citric acid and reduce oral pH value. It can remove acidic dental plaque and reduce oral pH value. Neutralize the multiple effects of acid metabolites in oral cavity. It is used in pharmaceutical formulations as neutralizer, filter aid, buffer and solubilizer, as well as filler and calcium source supplement. It can be used as loosening agent, starter and nutritional supplement in food processing.

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