Wine Room

The secret to a successful wine room is climate control, a beautiful wine cellar or wine room deserves a stable and reliable cooling system to match, if temperature and humidity are not controlled properly, your precious wine may not age in the right way, so it is not an option but a requirement. At Thenow, our focus for wine room cooling systems is on its performance, noise and convenience. Each unit is tested in our own authorized third-party enthalpy laboratory by national air conditioning research institute, this ensures the accuracy of the datas of our commercial wine cooling units.


Wine cellars are unique areas in a building designed to store wine,and storage of wine is an important consideration for long-term aging. The three factors that have the most pronounced effect on wine in storage are light,humidity and temperature.


Split wine room cooling units is generally applied to the whole cellar to ensure the constant cellar temperature and cellar humidity.Thenow can supply two types of wine cooling units-split system and self contained unit which are widely used in household,hotel,restaurant, wine cabinet,underground wine cellar,commercial winery,winery warehouse and so on. If you need ceiling mounted wine cooling units, please contact us.


Thenow Group Shanghai Headquarter factory covers an area of more than 53,000 square meters. We have more than 16 years’ experience in air quality control area. Our product lines are as follows: wine cellar climate control system,energy recovery ventilator/heat recovery ventilator; ventilating dehumidifier and central dehumidifier; energy recovery heat pump etc.

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