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Polyether Polyol Manufacturing Process

Synthesis of DMC-based polyether polyol by a continuous method

A certain amount of DMC catalyst is taken and uniformly dispersed in a certain amount of small molecule initiator. Add 0.5 kg of the mixture of the initiator in the small test reactor. The vacuum was replaced 1-2 times with N2, and the N2 pressure was maintained at 0.1 MPa. After heating, stirring and raising the temperature to a certain temperature, the quantitative PO was introduced into the continuous autoclave with nitrogen gas for induction. When the induction is successful (the temperature in the kettle rises and the pressure drops), the PO is continuously passed to carry out the reaction. Open the outer loop and continue to pass the PO into the continuous kettle.

When the liquid in the reaction vessel is full, the PO, DMC catalyst and the initiator are continuously added to the kettle at a certain ratio and a certain speed through the power system. Continuous discharge is started when a certain pressure is reached in the continuous autoclave. Keep the feed rate the same as the discharge rate until all the stock is added. The crude product discharged from the kettle enters the aging kettle, and is heated, matured, degassed, and discharged to obtain a finished product. As the polyether polyol manufacturers, welcome to consult.

Methyl iodide is a halogenated hydrocarbon, and its molecular formula is CH3I, MeI, which is an iodine substitute for methane. It is a volatile liquid with high density at room temperature, dipole moment 1.59D, refractive index 1.5304 (20 ° C, D), 1.5293 (21 ° C, D). Methyl iodide is miscible with common organic solvents. Pure color is colorless. When exposed to sunlight, it will decompose iodine and be purple. It can be removed by adding metallic copper. Methyl iodide is present in small amounts in rice fields. Methyl iodide is a methylation reagent commonly used in organic synthesis.


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