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Configuration Instructions of Duct CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The main configuration of BA-1500*4000 Duct Plasma cutting machine

Bilateral drive, belt cutting torch automatic ignition;

Transverse effective cutting can be 1.5 meters, which can be properly widened.

The longitudinal precision machining can be 18KG, the effective length is 4 meters, and can be lengthened properly.

Standard Configuration: 1 torch of flame, heightened by electricity;

Beijing Start’s latest industrial grade CNC system with CCM3, 10.4 inch LCD screen;

Match the homemade nesting software in the expert edition, with the function of common side and bridge.

Can be equipped with automatic and high-pressure arc plasma power to achieve dual purposes: flame and plasma cutting.

Air pipe CNC cutting machine can cut the steel plate’s thickness into 0.3-6mm.

The power is the domestic famous brand or the American Haibao power, and the temporary load rate is 100%. The power can work continuously for a long time; the price gap of the power is very large, and the quality of the power directly affects the cutting effect.

BA-1500*4000 Duct CNC Plasma cutting machine


BLKMA company can provide non-standard machine customization services according to customer needs, which can meet different processing needs of global customers.


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The spiral duct machine needs to be used with round elbow machine, angle steel round rolling machine and etc, to complete the other work steps needed in spiral duct processing, BLKMA company produces spiral duct forming machine and round elbow machine, angle steel round rolling machine and other equipment with high quality, also ensure that the pipe size processed out of precise appearance beautiful. So it can effectively help customers greatly improve the competitiveness of their products, Spiral duct machine has always been the most important equipment for round spiral duct. In order to make our products more competitive, we have optimized the structure of the machine for many times to make our machine has been greatly improved in speed and molding effect, and it has won unanimous praise from customers all over the world.

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