Commercial fan

Wing Dynamic I BLDC Ceiling Fans Parameter Table

Model Fan diameter(m)ft Motor power(kw)hp Rotate speed(rpm) Air volume(CMM)m³/min Max coverage(m²)Sqm Weight(kg) Noise(dBA)
BGX-CM-4E 4.0(13’) 0.36 0-65 8200 720 48 42
BGX-CM-3E 3.4(11’) 0.36 0-65 5800 580 43 42
BGX-CM-2E 2.8(9’) 0.36 0-70 4000 480 38 42


Driving Device

This product is based on Blushless DC motor with low power, , developed by Jiangsu Gaxiao and Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University Electrical Engineering Professor (developed by Jiangsu Gaxiao).

High Efficiency Fan Blade

6-propeller shape, corrected after testing, American Airlines imported (non-imported) high-performance aluminum alloy material: AA6063T6511 (6063-T5); surface anodized PVDF coating (electrostatic spray) treatment;


American Airlines (AA7075) super-hard aluminum alloy, built by the Japanese company who dedicated to aluminum alloy production for 60 years, high-pressure precision forging type (σb reaches 600Mpa), CNC precision machining after dynamic balance test check; ten times force design, 40 years reliability life.

The Frequency of Lean Control System

The control system of this commercial grade ceiling fan is independently developed by Jiangsu Gaxiao. The main electronic components are imported from Japan, Germany, the United States and other imported brands. The built-in RF interference filter and brake chopper have the function of suppressing radio interference and braking. Over-temperature and short-circuit protection, etc.; can achieve stepless speed regulation.

Hardware Fasteners

Germany (DIN933 bolt), class 12.9 (class 8.8); (DIN125A) anti-loose self-locking nut; suspension fasteners use slotted locating pin locknut; drive unit uses Locttle “Lotai” thread to solidify Sexual locking.

Fixing Device

The anti-slip groove design and the split pin locknut completely prevent the steel beam clip device from accidentally sliding off, without punching and welding.


Jiangsu Gaxiao, a professional HVLS fan company, is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China. Since its inception, Gaxiao has always been committed to the development and research of large industrial fans. Adhere to the corporate purpose: down to earth, technology-oriented, focus on quality, brand name service!


Our company’s main products are various, such as Commercial Air Fans, raditional Industrial Fans, PMSM Fans, and Explosion-Proof Fans for sale. Much more products are being researched and developed. On the basis of energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection, try our best to make the world cool and refreshing.

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