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The difference between bonded NdFeB magnets and sintered NdFeB magnets

NdFeB magnets can be divided into bonded NdFeB and sintered NdFeB. Meank Magnetics tells you the difference between the two from the following aspects

Ingredient:bonded ndfeb contain less neodymium and more iron,bonded neodymium magnets containing PPS or PA or epoxy.

Technology:bonded NdFeB is made from NdFeB magnetic powder with binder.In fact,bonding is injection molding.Sintered neodymium magnet is formed by vacuum heating at high temperature.Sintered NdFeB magnet material adopts powder metallurgy technology.

Structure:sintered neodymium magnets are crystal structure and bonded neodymium magnets are non-crystal structure.

Performance:sintered plastic bonded neodymium magnets is much higher, about four times higher than bonded neodymium magnet.

Characteristics:bonded NdFeB is suitable for some thin, small, special-shaped products.Such as thin-walled motor ring

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