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Application of Pipe Nipples in Oil, Gas & Petro Chem Industry

Oil, natural gas, and crude oil are indispensable energy sources for each country, but not all countries have rich oil or gas resources.

Oil and gas production areas are often far from countries with the most energy needs. On the one hand, most oil and gas producing countries can easily meet their own needs and use most of their oil and gas for export.

On the other hand, those major consumer countries are not self-sufficient in oil and gas, so they need to import. Even in some important oil and gas producing countries (such as the United States), their oil and gas production areas are often far from consumer areas that require oil and gas. Therefore, for decades, the sea and land transportation of oil and gas throughout the world has never been interrupted, and the transportation volume is extremely large.

Therefore, pipeline transportation is the most suitable way to transport such goods.

Advantages to Pipeline Transportation

The pipeline can be transported continuously, is not affected by the climate, and is reliable in the delivery of goods around the clock. It has a large traffic volume.

Pipeline transportation is not only large in volume, continuous, rapid, economic, safe, reliable, stable, but also has low investment, small area and low cost, and can realize automatic control. It can save water or land transportation, shorten the transportation cycle, reduce transportation costs, and improve transportation efficiency.

A coal pipeline with a diameter of 720 mm can transport 20 million tons of coal a year, which is almost equivalent to the unidirectional transportation capacity of a single-track railway. It has high environmental benefits and no harmful substances. It is the lowest of these modes of transportation. And pipeline transportation is more suitable for transporting fixed-point, large-volume, one-way fluids such as oil, natural gas and crude oil.

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