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Lifeasible Supports a Comprehensive Range of Environmental Tests

As a biotechnology company specialized in agricultural science, Lifeasible provides a comprehensive list of environmental tests for soil, water, air, and waste samples to help customers to meet environmental compliance requirements or to support engineering investigative studies.


There is no need to emphasize the importance of environmental management, especially when organizations are under increasing pressure due to strict environmental regulations to ensure that their activities comply with the highest standards. Scientists are committed to developing solutions to control environmental pollution, and as people’s due diligence continues to increase, most people begin to assume responsibility for protecting the environment.


Lifeasible is a leading provider for environmental testing services, striving to deliver custom solutions to all research fields.


Soil Testing

Soil testing is quite important for assessing fertility in agricultural soils because nutrients and other components can affect plant growth. In addition, residues and contaminants in soil not only have deleterious effects on plant growth, but can also be absorbed by humans or animals through the food chain.


Water Testing

At lifeasible, the customized optimal protocols are available for a wide range of water samples, such as groundwater, drinking water, surface water, wastewater, agricultural irrigation water, and so on.


Air Testing

With years of experience in air quality testing, Lifeasible provides analytical services for a variety of air pollutants, including but are not limited to volatile compounds, semi-volatile substances, metals, particles, radioactivity, and noise. Air composition, temperature, relative humidity, solar and ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric pressure and other monitoring services are also available at Lifeasible.


Waste Testing

Lifeasible provides comprehensive waste characterization services for flammability, corrosion, reactivity, and toxicity. The company also supports various tests to assess the potential for organic and inorganic components to penetrate into the environment. More importantly, a variety of advanced waste management technologies, such as biodegradation, detoxification and neutralization technologies are offered by Lifeasible.


“Our one-stop services from testing, reporting to post-analysis with the highest standard can surely meet all the needs of our customers.” Said one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.


For any further information on Lifeasible’s environmental testing or any other assistance, you can visit https://www.lifeasible.com/custom-solutions/environment/.


About Lifeasible

As a biotechnology company, Lifeasible is specialized in agricultural science, offering a wide variety of agro-related services and products for environmental and energy solutions.

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