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Introduction to Polyurethane Layflat hose

As the water supply equipment for fire hydrant, fire hose plays an indispensable role in fire fighting. Polyurethane layflat hose is made of high strength polyester filament skin and polyurethane lining. The high quality polyurethane lining has the characteristics of super toughness, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance. The outer skin is made of thickened warp and weft, which greatly strengthens the bearing capacity of the water hose.


Polyurethane layflat hose has a wide range of usage from urban sewage, engineering construction water delivery to pump matching. In addition, with the characteristics of light weight and strong pressure bearing capacity, it replaces the traditional PVC coated water hose in agricultural irrigation projects.


Instructions to fire hose use


1) When the water hose is sheathed on the interface, it shall be padded with a soft layer for protection, and then tied tightly with galvanized iron wire or hose hoop.


2) Prevent the direct action of flame and radiant heat, and do not make the water belt contact with high temperature objects.


3) The water hose shall not contact with corrosive articles such as oil, acid, alkali, etc.


4) When laying water hose, avoid sharp objects, and use water hose hook when laying water hose vertically to high place. When the water belt is laid through the main traffic road, the water belt shall be padded to protect the bridge. When passing through the railway, the water belt shall pass under the track to avoid water supply interruption due to the water belt being crushed by the wheel.


5) After the water belt is filled with water, it should be avoided to drag on the ground forcibly. When the position needs to be changed, it should be lifted and moved as much as possible to reduce the wear between the water belt and the ground.


6) Damaged holes are found in use, which shall be tightly wrapped with water belt. In severe winter, when the water supply needs to be suspended on the fire site, in order to prevent the water belt from freezing, the water pump needs to run slowly to maintain a small water output.


7) The high-pressure resistant water belt shall be connected close to the water pump. The water belt after filling shall be prevented from twisting or sudden bending, and the water belt interface shall be prevented from collision and damage.


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