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The Maintenance of Polyurethane Layflat Hose

The maintenance of PU water hose should pay attention to the following aspects:


① Management. Special personnel shall be assigned to manage, classify according to quality, number and record, and master the quality and use of water hose in time. Establish and improve the water hose maintenance system, and regularly educate all staff to abide by it consciously.


② Storage. A special storage place or storage room shall be set up. For long-term storage, the standby water hose shall be stored in a place suitable for temperature and ventilation. The water hose shall be rolled up on a single layer and put it on the water hose frame, turning twice a year or exchanged for folding once. The water hose with the car shall avoid friction with each other, and the folding edge shall be exchanged if necessary.


③ Usage. When laying, avoid sudden twists and turns. After filling water, avoid dragging on the ground and contact with corrosive chemicals such as oil, acid and alkali. In areas where there may be flame or strong radiation heat, cotton or hemp hose shall be used. When laying water hose on the high, use water hose hook. When passing through the railway, it shall pass under the railway track. When passing the road, it shall be padded with hose to protect the bridge; Prevent the hose from contacting with the hard objects with edges and corners. When the building is broken and demolished, do not throw boards, steel pieces and other items on the hose; Clean the hose after use; Lined hose should be used in cold areas when laying the hose in outside buildings.


④ Repairment. If a hole is found during use, it shall be wrapped with a wrapping cloth in time to prevent the hole from expanding, then add a mark and repair in time after use. Check frequently at ordinary times, and repair in time in case of any damage.


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