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Personally, I always loved to draw and play video games

I started playing with Runescape 15 decades ago after finding it amongst the likes of Stick RPG and Motherload on Miniclip. I started streaming OSRS alongside the amount and once I graduated I decided it is either’never or now’ took the plunge to RuneScape gold go full time. That was 4 years ago and I have not looked back since – however it absolutely has had it’s fair share of barriers due to a lot of toxicity and echo chambers at the depths of the net where some believe that women just game”to the wrong reasons”. It’s been a struggle but one worth the struggle.

Personally, I always loved to draw and play video games and I always knew I needed to do something with artwork. Then I discovered this university where I could study game artwork and realised that I make a career out of it and could combine 2 of my biggest passions. The course I had was very general and I’d concept artwork, environment artwork, char artwork… Both stylised and realistic. Only by looking out all of the options I discovered that I really enjoyed making stylised environments. By the end of the research I’d done 2 internships. I got work in Cambridge which sadly shut down at the beginning of the summer here for an indie company. Then I ended up here at Jagex!

I got into content creation from boredom. Sort of thought I’d stick to streaming here and there with friends, now it’s become a true career. I could not imagine doing something else! I have made friends, have heard more, and a lot about myself. In terms of challenges/obstacles, I wouldn’t say a lot, but there are a few. I get told frequently that I’m only successful because I am a lady, which normally comes from a man who’s less successful than me. That to.

I researched something Computer Science associated and during this figured out that I wanted to work in games. Once I finished, I applied to all kinds of jobs: QA, Game Design and also translation and testing. Turns out, studying a lot of fantasy books as a child and RS3 gold with a deep running love for English and puns is really quite a useful ability and that I got the job at Localisation as a Tester and Translator!

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