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Large ceramic processing machinery and equipment

Large ceramic processing machinery and equipment

Function: straight edge grinding, chamfering(30 degree, 45 degree and 60 degree), bottom chamfering, arc edge grinding, polishing(arc edge polishing, 45 degree edge polishing), grooving(anti-skid slot, flat slot, slot polishing), french edge, duckbill edge, concave-convex slot, nail edge, special-shaped line etc all kinds of ceramic tile processing


Product introduction: YTYXP-1200 14+7 ceramic tile Bullnose polishing machine is the latest product of ceramic processing machinery, which can grind edge, chamfer, bottom chamfer, groove and polish. It can process the raw brick into final product in one time. The machine are able to process stair step, stair brick, skirting, french edge, special-shaped waist line, duckbill edge etc all kinds of shape for ceramic tile and stone processing. This machine has the reasonable design, simple structure, advanced performance, easy operation, easy maintenance. Especially the polishing wheel takes abrasion pneumatic automatic compensation, thus improves the production automation degree, greatly improving the productivity, to bring you good economic benefit.


Technical parameters:

Serial No. Item Name Unite Technical Parameter
1 Conveyor belt mm 350
2 Numbers of polishing wheel pcs 14
3 Diameter of polishing wheel mm 95
4 Numbers of chamfering wheel pcs 6 (edge trimming wheel x1, 45 degree chamfering wheel x2,
30 degree chamfering wheel x1, 60 degree chamfer wheel x1,
bottom chamfering whee x1)
5 Diameter of grinding wheel mm 150-200
6 Anti-skid grooving wheel, shaping wheel pcs 2
7 Numbers of anti-skid slot pcs 3月4日
8 Diameter of grooving blade mm 150
9 Line polishing wheel pcs 5
10 Workable width mm 80-1200
11 Polishing speed M/min 0-6
12 Workable thickness mm 6月30日
13 Total power kw 46
14 Power consumption Kw/h 25
15 Air consumption L/min 50
16 Size of machine L*W*H 8.8*2.2*2.0
17 weight kgs About 7500

YTYXP-1200 14+7 ceramic tile Bullnose polishing machine
Product effect shape figure

Ceramic tile processing equipment has the following several kinds of configuration scheme:


YTQS-1-800 Manual tile cutting machine 1 set

YTQS-1-1200 Manual tile cutting machine 1 set


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Yongtao machinery is China ceramic and stone machinery industry leading brands, products include: ceramic tile cutting machine, ceramic bullnose polishing machine, mosaic cutting machine, mosaic polishing machine, water jet cutting machine, stone edge polishing machine, stone straight profiling polishing machine, stone edge profile polishing machine and so on all kinds of ceramic & stone processing machines.

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