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They can also catch sound if Donut load cell

load cell transmitter is not just the magnet in a magnetic speed sensor that is used to determine speed but an electrical current that surrounds the magnet as well. There is a certain electrical phenomena called the “Hall effect” that is used to determine the speed of an object with a magnet.

An Electrical Current

In short, when an electrical current is ran near a magnet and the magnet detects ferrous metal such as iron or steel the electrical current is effected. This electrical effect can then be transmitted by wires to a speed gauge where it can be displayed.

Gear Toothed Magnetic Sensor

Torque Force Sensor

Often a gear is used in conjunction with a magnetic speed sensor. As the gear spins or turns, each spline or tooth in it will be detected by the magnet as it passes and a corresponding electrical pulse is sent out. The faster the gear spins the faster the electrical pulses the sensor sends and thus a speed reading is made.

These cameras can watch equally well in the night times as in the daytimes. They can also catch sound if Donut load cell is originated from within its coverage area and react. Interestingly, using the camera with a monitor would also ensure that you can see whether the person that the camera has spotted is a real intruder or is someone whom you know and are possibly expecting to arrive – so the false alarms are eliminated.

The other point worth noting is that motion sensor cameras can have two-way audio communication systems inbuilt. That way, if someone you know has arrived at your gate and you want to talk to them right away using this speaker system.

A motion sensor camera is something that you would install for your own security; and if you care about your security enough to install such a camera then probably there is a good reason behind mini load cell. Hence, never compromise on the quality – always install motion sensor cameras given by popular and branded manufacturers only. That would be your best bet for home or office security.


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